Monday, December 13, 2004


so this is my one is ever gonna find this. before i would use xanga but too many people know mine so sometimes i feel like i have to hide things..therefore, i can't fulfill the purpose of having one of these online journal things. has been relatively well. i'm surviving =) i'm worried about college though man...i'm scared that i won't graduate because of my bad study habits and lack of effort. since coming to college gave me the chance to start new and fresh, i wanted to give it my all. i thought it wouldnt be hard.....but oh dear did i think wrong. it's been hard adjusting. plus, i dont think i really tried that hard in high school. hell...i have no freaking clue how i got into USF. but see...since i got in, i figured it was meant for me to be God had a plan or something. he knew how bad i wanted to go to USF and he let it happen. USF is an excellent school for my major...i dont want to freak up this opportunity. oh...and of course i dont want to waste money. i mean damn.....i'm taking out 16Gs/year in loans. but honestly, its been good...its been really good. i love living here in san francisco. i love the west coast life - specifically the bay area. i'm exposed to so much. living in long island, NY my whole life...surrounded by massive amounts of jews, submersed in a society that wasn't really diverse...